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Business Owners

At Cornerstone, advising small businesses in tax and accounting matters is what we do.  We work with business owners  to maximize tax deductions as well as strategizing for retirement.


Expat Services 

You still need to file US taxes, even if you live abroad. We’re Here to make the process fast and hassle free. 




We specialize in advising individuals in tax matters.  We work to ensure that we provide you with tax expertise that will minimize your tax liability. 



Medical Professionals

We have been providing tax and accounting services to the medical and dental industries for over 30 years.


Not For Profit Organizations

Cornerstone advises  exempt & not-for-profit organizations in tax and accounting matters. We provide proper reporting on your financial statements as well as on your tax return.


Oil & Gas Services 

Cornerstone has an in-depth understanding of JIB statements (Joint Interest Billings), IDC calcs (Intangible Drilling Costs), depletion, AMT IDC calculations (Alternative Minimum Tax), and other Oil and Gas specific tax related situations.  We can help you navigate in the very complex world of oil and gas taxation.



At Cornerstone, our professionals understand the complexity of fiduciary tax returns for trusts, estates and guardianships as well as the compliance issues of federal and state tax filing requirements.  


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